Stichting voor Plantenbiotechnologie  en -Weefselkweek; SVPW,

Founded on the 24th of Januari 2023,

Adress Franseweg 26a, 3921 DH  Elst (U)

KvK 89069528

RSIN 864869897

SBI-code: 72113

The SVPW is recognized a Public
Benefit Organization

Policy Plan:

The foundation is named: Foundation for Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture, SVPW.

It is based in the municipality of Rhenen.

The foundation’s objective is to promote knowledge and encourage interaction between academic and educational institutions on one hand, and the business sector on the other, in the fields of plant biotechnology and tissue culture, including all related and derivative activities.

It aims to achieve its objective through:

  • Organizing symposiums, lectures, congresses, meetings, and excursions;
  • Promoting, establishing, and maintaining contacts with similar organizations;
  • Supporting, encouraging, and guiding research in the field.

The foundation is non-profit.

The foundation’s assets may consist of:

  1. Subsidies and donations;
  2. Assets acquired through inheritance, bequest, gift, or any other means;
  3. Income from the foundation’s assets;
  4. Other revenues and profits.

The foundation maintains no more assets than reasonably necessary for the continuity of the anticipated activities towards achieving its objective. Board members receive no compensation for their time or efforts.

The board:

Remko Offringa, chair

Herman Schoenmakers, secretary

Gen de Jong, treasurer

Hans de Jong, member

Frans Krens, member

Rhenen, January 27, 2023